Top reasons to love the Volcano vaporizer

Over the past decade more and more people have been turning their backs on adding tobacco to their mix. The reasons why are pretty obvious; the health risks associated with tobacco are numerous and discerning stoners worldwide view tobacco as a compromise to their toking experience. Even when smoking herb on its own tobacco-free involves combustion and the inhalation of particulates...

A fact that has lead consumers, and therefore the industry, to consider alternatives and innovation.

This is the point where technology has intervened to save the day.

Herbal vaporizers have been developed and refined to the point where a whole generation of stoners have taken up vaporising as their preferred method of imbibing herb. Electronically powered, a herbal vaporizer will heat botanical products to the point where all the tasty goodness is dissociated from the plant matter to form a smooth and tasty vapour...Completely combustion free. These days the consumer is spoilt for choice when it comes to vaporizers. There are a plethora of devices to chose from. There are small handheld devices that fit into your pocket and are perfect for when you are out and about and then there are more robust desktop setups that are designed for heavier home use.

Of these desktop vaporizers one name rises above the rest...

The Volcano Classic by Storz and Bickel... The Volcano has become a buzzword in the stoner community. It carries a product recognition factor far beyond any other vaporizer device and has become an undeniable market leader. This is not due to any over egged advertising strategy or corporate bluster. When it comes to herbal vaporizers the Volcano is the real deal and deserves all the praise it has recieved over the years.

There is no denying that the purchase of a Volcano is an investment...And you may have to save a few pennies to get to the point of purchasing one...But here are five reasons why the purchase of a Volcano vaporizer may just be one of the best investments you ever make.

Not just for your health, but also for your overall enjoyment of your herbal experience!

1: The Flavour.

Volcano - Flavour

One of the first things you will notice when you factor out tobacco from your toking is just how good your herb tastes and the variety of flavours there are available to you. It is somewhat akin to opening up Pandora's Box. Every strain comes with its own set of flavour profiles... Some extremely subtle and others totally noticable. One thing that is for sure... tobacco tends to dull, and in some cases, almost nullify those signature flavours.

Vaporising changes all that.

The process allows for the full taste sensation to roll over your tongue by releasing the flavoursome terpenes in the herbal material rather than consuming them in flame. However the amount and quality of flavour does vary between devices and this comes down to control of temprature. It is here on the flavour front that the Volcano really just can not be beaten. Its heating controls are extremely nuanced and designed to give the user a degree of personal preference above and beyond any other device on the market. You can choose between a low setting that allows the warm air to gently tease the flavour out of your herb (perfect for those times when you are having a quiet solitary session) or you are able to turn up the heat for bigger more industrial loads (perfect for entertaining and parties).

Being able to manage your tempratures precisely really sets the tone of your vaping experience and no one individual's preferences are the same as the other's. You can choose between a thin wispy easy to consume vapour or a thicker creamier vapour that cascades smoothly down your throat. The Volcano allows you to customise your vaping experience down to a fine degree with easy to use controls and simple to follow settings. There is no portable vaporizer that can replicate that inbuilt capacity for precision and nuance.

At the end of the day, with the variety of herbal strains that have exploded onto the market... Some coming along with a premium price... It makes absolutely no sense to waste those unique tastes and long nurtured terpene profiles by using a device that is not quite up to the job.

Simply put... the Volcano is the herb connoisseur's dream come true.

2: Ease of Use.

Volcano - Ease of use

The first hesitation you may have when you first see the Volcano is this thought: "How the hell does it work?!!".

Just on face value, even if you did not know what a Volcano is used for it is undeniable that it is impressive looking piece of kit. However despite what your initial impressions may be don't be intimidated...Simplicity is key to the Volcano's use and reputation. Once you have figured out what your preferred heat settings are using the Volcano very soon becomes second nature.

Turn on, select temprature, allow to heat, fill chamber, attach bag, press GO button...


It really is that easy.

The Volcano unit will heat your herb to the point where the vapour is produced. The vapour is collected and stored inside a bag... Much like a balloon... That fills up with all that tasty herbal goodness and you are ready to rock-and-roll!

3: Versatility

Volcano - Versatility

The vapour produced by the Volcano is stored safely in a bag that utilises a simple but effective valve system. This valve not only traps the vapour inside but also allows you to determine the size and quantity of the session you are going to have. Once your bag is suitably filled all one has to do is simply detach it, snap on the mouthpiece and release the valve each time you fancy a toke.

It is this process that makes the Volcano such a versatile device. You can fill a bag appropriately for an intimate personal session, or load up a bag large enough to be shared around with friends. The choice is all yours.

It does not take long before handing around a bag full of vape feels just as natural as sharing a spliff, except with the Volcano what you will be passing around is a pure flavoursome herbal experience that no spliff could possibly achieve!

4: Durability and Maintenance

Volcano - Durability

As mentioned before the Volcano is an impressive piece of kit. On first glance it is very apparent that these devices are built to last, with their solid metal casing and robust build. They look the business because they are the business.

As any herb enthuisiast knows that be it pipe, bong or rig... There is going to be some cleaning involved, although far less with a vaporizer than any device used for combustion. The Volcano is no different, but maintenance is made a simple fuss-free process with easy access to the filling chamber.

Just like any other piece of well used equipment, gauzes, valves, rings and bags will occassionly have to be replaced. This isn't a problem and replacement of these parts does not require a degree in engineering to perform. It is all very easy and will only require a few minutes and minimal effort. Unlike some cheaper devices there are no overly fiddly components to contend with and due to Storz and Bickel being such a well established company spare parts are extremely easy to source (check out our stock of Volcano replacements!).

5: Generous Warranty.

Volcano - Warranty

Like any electronic devices problems sometimes do occur. Having said that Storz and Bickel have such faith in their product that they offer a 3 year warranty for the Volcano.

In the unlikely event that you do have an issue all you have to do is pack up your device and send it to the factory where they will look into the problem and make any neccessary repairs. It really is that simple and amazingly reassuring in this age of inbuilt obsolescence that a company has such confidence that the device they manufacture is built to last!

Even if you are outside of this generous warranty period, Storz and Bickel offer a cost effective reapir service.

So there you have it... 5 reasons to love the Volcano. If you are not convinced then there are plenty of reviews on YouTube to check out to answer any remaining doubts. Many of you will already have tried a Volcano, either at friend's house or at an Amsterdam cafe... Either way once you give one a try and sampled some of that smooth creamy vape you will be a convert!

And if you already have a Volcano Classic well there is the new Volcano Hybrid... but that's for another blog.

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