1. Top 10 King Size Papers for Smoking Weed

    Top ten king size papers for smoking weed

    If you’re lucky enough to live in a country where cannabis (aka weed, marijuana, skunk, bud etc) is legal then you probably get to choose from multiple different strains rather than just getting whatever Dave the Dealer down the street has, but then you’ll be faced with the next important question… ......

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  2. What is a Budbomb? Is it a pipe?

    What is a budbomb?

    How I Learned To Love the Bomb… The Budbomb that is.

    I am not a huge fan of pipes.

    Not saying that they do not have their time and place, but for me it is generally the bong or joint when it comes to enjoying the pleasures of burning plant matter. The direct hit of the smoke from a p......

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  3. Percolator Bong vs Normal Bong: What's the Difference?

    Percolator bong vs normal bong

    Whether you already have a bong or this is your first, it’s important to understand the differences between each type. After all, you want to purchase a bong that makes sense for your wants and needs.

    One of the most common questions most people have is “What’s the difference between a perco......

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  4. Cannabis Vaping vs Smoking: Which has the best effect?

    cannabis vaping vs smoking

    When people are first confronted with the idea of vaporizing one’s herb as opposed to combusting it in the traditional mode, through a pipe, bong or spliff, one of the most immediate and frequently asked questions is a quite simple one…

    Is it as good an experience?

    This is a pretty fai......

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  5. What is a glass roach tip?

    What is a glass roach tip?

    Glass roach tips, also known as glass crutch tips or glass filter tips, are typically used in smoking cannabis or tobacco.

    They are small, cylindrical pieces of glass that are often placed at the end of a rolled joint or blunt as a filter or crutch. There are several reasons why glass roach tips......

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  6. What is a Head Shop?

    What is a Head Shop?


    Hear the word “head shop” and I dare say a multitude of images coalesce in the mind…

    One can picture a small dingy space inhabited by a tiny gaggle of beardy, red-eyed, spaced out refugees from the Seventies hovering over a multitude of ar......

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  7. Are hemp blunt wraps any good?

    Are Hemp Blunt Wraps Any Good?

    There's no disputing that Hip Hop music has made blunt smoking a global cultural hit. Rolling a blunt is an art unto itself and once mastered is quite an impressive skill to show off at a session or just a nice part of your rolling ritual if you aren't passing it to the left. Before blunts were

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  8. What are the effects of CBD?

    What are the effects of CBD

    This is a very common question we get asked in store on a daily basis, read on for the answer…

    Firstly, CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical compound found in the cannabis (marijuna) plant but it is different to the compound called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). T......

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  9. What is the best temperature for dabbing?

    What is the best temperature for dabbing?

    I'm sure most of you, if you're reading this, are well aware of what dabbing is and the equipment needed to enjoy a nice 'dab' but what is sometimes harder to work out is the temperatures needed to extract the most fun out of your concentrated golden goo.

    So what is the best temp to dab at? Well......

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  10. How to Make Terp Pearls Spin in a Puffco Peak

    DabCap SpinCap for Puffco Peak

    The Puffco Peak and Peak Pro are amazing devices and if you are an extract enthusiast and haven't yet tried one, you really must... they are so easy to use and require no blowtorch so you remove the risk of burning yourself or your house down!

    Honestly, you gotta try one!

    There is, however, one thing that has been missing from the Peak and Peak Pro... you can't easily get your terp pearls to spin properly.

    Why should I care about terp pearls spinning?

    Terp pearls maximum flavour

    Well the truth is, you don't have to care too much, the Peak and Peak Pro work just fine without spinning terp pearls and you'll get a great hit. But if you want to take your extract experience to the next level then terp pearls are the way forward. They simply drop in your banger or Peak atomizer with your deliciously golden extract of choice, then you put a carb cap with angled airflow on the top of your banger/atomizer and as you toke the terp pearls will begin to spin. This increases the surface area of quartz that touches your extracts and mixes it all around.

    The result is a bigger, tastier hit every time!

    And it just looks cool watching the pearls spin!

    What's the issue with the Peak then?

    Well, nothing really, as we said before the Peak and Peak Pro are amazing, but because they have put their efforts into making a great device the atomizer is not quite the right size for most carb caps to fit, meaning it's tricky to get your pearls spinning.

    So, stop rambling on and tell us how to fix it will you?

    OK, so a company called DabCap, famous for their silicone bong attachment known as a DabCap Original that allows you to put use pretty much any cart in your normal bong/rig have come up with a simple, affordable solution...

    Meet the DabCap SpinCap

    The SpinCap is a simple universal fit carb cap with angled airflow designed to fit most bangers but specifically designed to work perfectly in your Peak or Peak Pro. And It'll make your terp pearls spin like a whirlwind!!

    It's simple, effective and amazing!

    Made from aircraft grade aluminium and works up to 1500°F

    Get yours now - DabCap SpinCap - eRig Edition

    The Puffco Peak and Peak Pro just got even better!!!......

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