Odour Control & Activated Carbon Lined Bags

Odour control is perhaps the number one concern for those looking to discreetly store their dank herb and we offer a number of innovative solutions to the problem. For quantity of storage Tight Vac containers can’t be beat, offering a wide range of sizes and volumes of smell-proof storage. For smaller quantities then the Space Vac Stash Container is just the right size to fit in your pocket or bag, while the Grinder Vac comes with a built in herb mill.

There are also the highly efficient activated carbon lined bags such as... Abscent Bags, Avert Pocket Bag, Avert Odour Absorbing Large Duffle Bag and Headchef Carbon Lined Satchel for paranoia free travel. For the Raw enthusiasts we have the stylish Raw Cone Wallet, Raw Weekender Bag and the awesome Raw Pouch for locking in dank while looking great!

We also stock a great selection of smell-proof bags manufactured by Headchef, Smelly-Proof and Cookies.

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