How to Shop My Weed Smelling

Most of us that like to consume cannabis in whatever form absolutely love the smell of a well grown, dried and cured bud. All the different aromas from the different strains are intoxicating and the mere whiff of it on the streets makes you want to run home to your stash!

But sadly the laws in some countries (UK included) have not yet caught up with us enlightened connoisseurs and so that smell can also be a nuisance that we need to conceal from our neighbours noses or the passing bobby on the beat.

So the question of the day is… How do I stop my weed smelling?

It’s a question we get asked pretty much every day in our shop and you’ll be pleased to know that there are a lot of products out there to help you.

Asking a good bit of weed to stop stinking is like asking the noble bird to stop flying. Strange isn't it? But mum and dad might not appreciate a 2oz skunk-pigeon wafting around the house, and (in this country at least) the cops will definitely have something to say if they believe you're in possession of a honking great ganja-goose! So lets help you clip those stinky wings and cage those suspicious scents that might attract the wrong kind of attention...


Chances are you've gone to Dealer Dave and (excuse the parlance) he's shot you the gear in some flimsy plastic bag or worse, cling film, which will start leaking the pungent aroma of its content as soon as it's stashed away in your cosy warm pocket. Now you my friend are wearing a big, bright neon sign that says "SEARCH ME!" all the way home. 

The solution is simple. Have a Smelly Proof bag at the ready. Thank Dealer Dave for his excellent service as always, bag your swag and away you go. AND if you double bag it you can stroll right on past the Bobbies on the beat with a big ol' grin on your face. No drama!

There are many other brands similar to Smelly Proof, just make sure it’s thick plastic and has a nice strong seal.

Baggies for larger quantities

Now if we're talking large quantities and long-term storage… The first things to consider beyond does it pong, will someone find it and do I even care, is how long will it keep for? The truth is, as long as your choice of dank-depot is secure, dry, air-tight and UV protected then it could theoretically survive the apocalypse.

Enter the Grove Bag. And the crowd goes wild. Behold smell-science at its most sophisticated, a plastic baggie (stay with me) that both locks in the stank and cures your buds (for more information on curing, read our blog "a cure for all")

Wooden Boxes

We all want to be natural and eco-friendly these days, but your standard wooden box will probably not contain the aroma enough. It’ll do a bit, but for it to work well it needs to be thick wood with a very good seal, and these types of boxes are hard to find and often expensive.

We’d recommend just using a reusable Smelly Proof bag in your wooden box, it’ll make the world of difference.

Plastic Containers

There’s a whole world of options here and if it’s solid plastic and has a good seal it’ll do a pretty decent job.

We’ve got basic ‘pop top’ containers which are surprisingly good for the low price, but the best plastic containers we sell are called Tight Vac containers. They are a solid plastic container with a vacuum seal lid. You press a little button to release the pressure and then you can open the pot and reveal your stinky goodies! These are available in a variety of sizes to hold a few grams right up to a few ounces of your favourite herb.


Glass jars are the holy grail of storage..  As long as the glass is strong and it has a good seal then it’s the best way to store your stuff. But it has a massive downside… It’s very fragile!! So if you’re a bit clumsy you might want to avoid glass jars.

The dispensaries in Cali and the coffeeshops in Amsterdam usually store their buds in glass clip top jars, they are that good!

Combo storage!

There are even some options that have the benefits of both glass and a more durable material!! What is this magic you ask? Well it’s a secret, we’re not going to tell you!

Only joking.. Jyarz and Alchemy Jars are both American designs that are very very well engineered.

Jyarz are hard plastic containers with a screw top lid and excellent rubber seal that hide a glass liner.

Alchemy Jars are similar but with a metal outer.

Both of these containers provide the best of glass but are strong enough to take a bit of abuse.

The bottom line

There’s loads of options so take your time to work out what’s best for you, and don’t let that beautiful smell get you in any trouble!