King Palm - Organic Mini Pre-Rolled Cones - Magic Mint - Two Pack

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King Palm is the manufacturer of the world’s first 100% real Cordia Palm leaf cigar wrap. Enjoy hand-rolled natural leaves for those looking for the best slow burning natural leaf on the planet! King Palm leaves are chemical and preservative-free, they do not contain any artificial flavours and they contain zero glue. The natural corn husk filter will be one of the best filter tips you have ever used, it will help to make sure no loose tobacco will fall through and will also eliminate oils from getting into your mouth. The leaves of the King Palm blunt wraps are slow-burning and very resilient, plus they can be brushed with water for rehydration.

Activate the terpene-filled flavoured capsules and fill your lungs with minty fresh hits. King Palm’s Magic Mint Mini Rolls contain all-natural mint terpenes that, when activated, blend beautifully with the notes. Simply squeeze the capsule inside the filter and listen for the pop! Then, you’ll start to smell the fragrant mint notes, and you know it’s time to light up.

  • Made from Cordia Palm leaf
  • Free from preservatives, tobacco, chemicals, artificial flavours and glue!
  • Terpene-filled flavour capsule in the centre of the cornhusk filter tip
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • These rolls hold approx 1g of your favourite herbal blend!

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