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As oil dabbing products go, this is as simple as they get, but still surprisingly effective.

We created the ConNectar with the idea to turn every slim 510 threaded battery into a device that can be used daily. The ConNectar (Patent Pending) is the first of its kind with Clapton Coil technology bringing a superior user experience. We know the struggles when it comes to Nectar Collectors and wanted to make a product that is affordable, portable, and convenient.

The Limited Edition Rainbow ConNectar is made to fit any slim 510 threaded button battery and turn it into a nectar collector. With only three pieces to put together! Perfect for any adventure from hiking, festival going, or even chilling in the house! Pairs best with any ConNectar 510 Battery!

How it works:

  • Connect your slim battery to the ConNectar
  • Click button 5 times to turn on
  • Hold button down to heat
  • Inhale through straw as you put the hot Clapton Coil end to your concentrate
  • Enjoy!

Please note: battery is not included and this item does not work with draw activated batteries, whilst it should work with most button activated 510 threaded batteries, it is best to use a ConNectar branded 510 battery designed for the job.

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