PuffCo Proxy Ripple

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The Proxy Ripple is Puffco's latest advancement to join the Puffco Proxy Ecosystem of thoughtfully designed accessories that take your innovative & dynamic dab e-rig to the next level.

This slick new glass attachment, known as the Proxy Ripple has been made with stability in mind, using a low centre of gravity to ensure that your bundle of joy is table-sturdy and stays put just as well as it looks.

Its name relates to the stunning ripple design at the base of the stem that is equal parts intricate and beautiful as well as functional thanks to the dual perc holes that ensure that the splashback is dramatically reduced.

The result is an ultra-smooth, water-filtered hit that rumbles with a gentle but distinct vibration that will have you savouring every hit.

The Proxy Ripple is available in Sea and Sage colourways.


  • Water Filtration
  • Flat base
  • Official Puffco Product

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