DabCap SpinCap for Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak and Peak Pro are amazing devices and if you are an extract enthusiast and haven't yet tried one, you really must... they are so easy to use and require no blowtorch so you remove the risk of burning yourself or your house down!

Honestly, you gotta try one!

There is, however, one thing that has been missing from the Peak and Peak Pro... you can't easily get your terp pearls to spin properly.

Why should I care about terp pearls spinning?

Terp pearls maximum flavour

Well the truth is, you don't have to care too much, the Peak and Peak Pro work just fine without spinning terp pearls and you'll get a great hit. But if you want to take your extract experience to the next level then terp pearls are the way forward. They simply drop in your banger or Peak atomizer with your deliciously golden extract of choice, then you put a carb cap with angled airflow on the top of your banger/atomizer and as you toke the terp pearls will begin to spin. This increases the surface area of quartz that touches your extracts and mixes it all around.

The result is a bigger, tastier hit every time!

And it just looks cool watching the pearls spin!

What's the issue with the Peak then?

Well, nothing really, as we said before the Peak and Peak Pro are amazing, but because they have put their efforts into making a great device the atomizer is not quite the right size for most carb caps to fit, meaning it's tricky to get your pearls spinning.

So, stop rambling on and tell us how to fix it will you?

OK, so a company called DabCap, famous for their silicone bong attachment known as a DabCap Original that allows you to put use pretty much any cart in your normal bong/rig have come up with a simple, affordable solution...

Meet the DabCap SpinCap

The SpinCap is a simple universal fit carb cap with angled airflow designed to fit most bangers but specifically designed to work perfectly in your Peak or Peak Pro. And It'll make your terp pearls spin like a whirlwind!!

It's simple, effective and amazing!

Made from aircraft grade aluminium and works up to 1500°F

Get yours now - DabCap SpinCap - eRig Edition

The Puffco Peak and Peak Pro just got even better!!!